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We knew from the outset that quality was the way to go. We work with original, non-flammable, non-harmful, ecologically friendly inks with high pigmentation and vivid colours.

The raw materials used for stamping are of the highest quality, sourced from a European company that has been on the world market for 50 years, specialising in the field of "stamping", which is its only sector of activity on the market.

We have printing solutions for the most diverse textiles, cotton, polyester and other synthetics.

The real secret to an effective print or a perfect finish is high quality raw materials combined with design, the rest "is the soul...".


The technique of printing and cutting vinyl stickers is similar to stamping, and the inks are original, environmentally friendly and non-harmful.

The vinyl stickers are of the highest quality and come from an Italian company and brand that has been on the world market for over 50 years.

Cutting a sticker is not a problem for us, imagination is the way and design is the key.

We favour quality, certification and eco-friendliness, and products produced in the European Union and whenever possible in Portuguese.

Printed stickers

The technique of cutting self-adhesive vinyl requires a good cutting machine with a sharp needle.

The vinyl stickers we cut are premium cast from a European company, a German brand that has been on the world market for over 210 years.

We currently have a cutting capacity of up to 120cm wide.

We prefer to work with the best suppliers, the best brands and to provide our customers with quality.

Cutting sticker